We are growing poppy all over the country and in Slovakia. We have a steady community of farmers but we are also open to work together with new farmers.

The sowing of poppy is in early spring (end of February – beginning of March), which is a big advantage because if the seed does not grow, other cultures can still be planted afterwards. Our company grants the seeds for the sowing, which are more adaptive to the weather conditions. Huge advantage of our varieties is that with the right soil preparation they need minimal pest management, even in dry periods they need less protection against fungus. We also give our farmers the description of the growing technology. The technology is fully mechanized. Besides that, their work for the best performance is helped by our highly experienced integrators.

One of the greatest benefits of poppy growing is its profitability and positive impact on the soil. It takes out little of the nutrients and the harvest is in July – August, so it can prepare the autumn sowings and can be fit perfectly into the crop rotation. It helps to increase the yield of the wheat and rape sowed after it by 20-25%. The harvest is made with a grain combine harvester, with which our colleagues give help as well.

Besides the sowing seeds we also grant the buying up of the poppy, the basic condition of this is a contract between the two parties.



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