Sotiva Seed Ltd. is a dynamically developing innovative family business. It is one of Europe’s biggest businesses dealing with poppy seed production and processing. We are working together with more than 150 farmers, who are farming on nearly 5000 hectares. Our office and warehouse in in Tiszavasvári, at the northeast part of Hungary, the capacity of our warehouse is nearly 7500 m2. Our main aim is increasing our markets and creating a steady and reliable partnership network in Europe and overseas.

By performing the whole poppy seed production from the harvest and the separation of the poppy head and the poppy seeds of the poppy to the packaging of the 99.9% purity poppy-seed we can guarantee high-quality standard.

Our other determining activity is sunflower production and processing, and we are also active market participants in the commerce of other agricultural commodities such as walnut, pumpkin seed, popcorn, maize.

We are selling our products in Western, Centre and Eastern Europe, Russia, USA and Australia.

Thanks to our continuous investments and developments we can correspond to the strictest quality standards in Europe.

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